Wednesday, July 7, 2010

LampinKain Giveaway Contest

July 2010, genap 2 tahun beroperasi secara online.. Sebagai penghargaan kepada semua CD mommies, we're organizing a GIVEAWAY CONTEST for this month.

Apa hadiahnya???

1st Place – 1 LampinKain OS Pocket Diaper – print of your choice (in-stock)
2nd Place – 1 LampinKain OS Pocket Diaper – solid color of your choice (in-stock)

3rd Place – RM50 Voucher for purchases at

What is LampinKain OS Pocket Diaper? Pls follow this link for details

This giveaway is now OFFICIALLY CLOSED.. Winners would be announced soon. Thank you & Good Luck!

Doing ALL of these below will be considered as ONE (1) entry. Any incomplete entries will not be counted, so make sure you do each and every one!

Mandatory (ONE entry):
  1. Subscribe to newsletter (go to An email confirmation would be send to your email address. Please follow the link (in the email) to confirm your email address. Unconfirmed newsletter subscription would not eligible for this giveaway contest.

    Langgan newsletter kami (go to akan dihantar untuk mengesahkan emel anda. Sila klik kepada pautan (didalam emel tersebut) untuk mengesahkan emel anda. Langganan newsletter tanpa mengeshkan email anda tidak akan dikira

  2. If you own a blog or website, post an entry about this GIVEAWAY CONTEST and link it back to our store URL & our blog. The link should be and

    Jikalau anda mempunyai laman web/ blog, war-warkan berkenaan GIVEAWAY CONTEST ini ni laman web/blog anda dengan mempamerkan pautan ke laman web kedai online ( dan blog kami (

    OR (if you do not have blog/ website)
    ATAU (jikalau anda tidak mempunyai laman web/ blog)

    Send email to at least 5 friends and c/c copy the email to Content of the email-> Just copy this: Come & Join LampinKain Giveaway at

    Hantar emel kepada sekurang-kurangnya 5 kawan anda dan c/c kan email tersebut kepada Kandungan emel-> Come & Join LampinKain Giveaway at

  3. Send an email to with the title: “LampinKain Giveaway”. Content of the email should as below:

    Hantar emel kepada Subjek emel tersebut: : “LampinKain Giveaway”. Kandungan emel tersebut adalah seperti berikut:

    · Name :
    · E-mail address :
    · Blog/ website address (if applicable) :
    · OR E-mail send to at least 5 friends (if applicable) : YES/ NO
    · Be followers of our blog : YES/ NO – if YES, what is your google a/c name
    · Comment leave in blog; “Why I want to own a LampinKain OS diaper…” : YES/ NO
    · List of your friend e-mail address (to verify against additional entries no 3 :

    You will receive feedback from us once you’ve sent this e-mail in 48 hours (maximum). If not, please re-send.

For additional entries (Bonus):

  1. Extra 1 entry: Be Followers of our blog -

    Bonus 1 entry: Jadilah Pengikut/Followers blog kami-

  2. Extra 1 entry: Just leave a comment on this blog post why you want to own a LampinKain Diaper...

    Bonus 1 entry: Tinggalkan komen anda dalam blog ini kenapa anda hendak memiliki LampinKain Diaper….

  3. Extra 1 entry for every confirmed newsletter subscription by your friends: Send email to your friends and c/c copy the email to Content of the email-> Just copy this: “Come & Join LampinKain Giveaway at If your friend at least subscribed to our newsletter & confirmed their email address, you’ll entitle for 1 entry for every confirmed newsletter subscription (Note: Email address of your friend in your email should match email address used to subscribe the newsletter).

    Bonus 1 entry untuk setiap langganan newsletter oleh kawan anda: Hantar emel kepada kawan-kawan anda dan c/c kan emel tersebut kepada Kandungan emel-> Come & Join LampinKain Giveaway at Jikalau kawan anda sekurang-kurangnya melanggan newletter kami & mengesahkan emel mereka, anda layak mendapat 1 entry untuk setiap pengesahan langganan newletter kawan anda (Nota: Alamat emel kawan anda didalam emel anda hendaklah sama dengan alamat emel yang digunakan oleh rakan anda untuk melanggan newsletter)
It’s easy peasy isn’t it (no need to buy anything)? The more things you do, the higher the chance of you being selected as the winner! Hope you have fun giving this Giveaway a try – you might just be the owner of a brand new LampinKain OS Pocket diaper! Good luck to you!
Note: Please note that this contest is for Malaysia addressee only.


  1. This is so great when i know having giveaway contest here. My hubby prefers pocket diaper especially Malaysian made. Hoping that you will pick me as winner.

    Wish my boy luck, hopefully he would be able to tuck in this wonderful designed LampinKain easy to wear cloth pocket diaper!

  2. I want to own a LampinKain diaper to add to my baby's existing collection of cloth diapers..after all, it is the perfect gift, indeed the best gift of love from a mother who cares about her baby and, love the earth too!!

  3. Why I want to own a LampinKain OS diaper because cloth diapering is such a fun way for me and my little Rifhan. With cloth diapering, i can save daddy's 'RM', saving the earth, and the most important is my baby is rashes-free. Yeay! 1 LampinKain OS Pocket Diaper is just what i need...!

  4. Why I want to own a LampinKain OS diaper? Because it would be a special gift of love to my little one to wear in style; be kind and contribute to the protection environment and last but not least, to proudly wear a Malaysian made product!

  5. Kenapa maisarah nak Lampinkain OS diaper ni?
    Sebab maisarah suke pakai CD! Lagi2 CD yg comel, warna warni dan penuh dengan elephant! Maisarah boleh bergaya tanpa perlu pakai panties! Hehe. Maisarah suke LampinKain OS Diaper ni sbb maisarah bleh pakai sampai umur 3 tahun. Confirm mama sayang maisarah sebab pandai jimat duit dia! Lagipon mama sorang penyokong 'Go Green'! So maisarah pon nak contribute sama dalam agenda Go Green mama!satu lagi, maisarah sebenarnya rimas pakai lampin pakai buang tu sebab setiap kali poo-poo maisarah mesti rase gatal. yg ni jgn bgtau mama ye. nnt die kecik ati.

    plz untie azlina...pick me as ur winner!!!!!

  6. I am new with CD and a proudly malaysian made CD is just the perfect one to start with. I hope i can win this for my little girl and hope to fully CD her later after trying the first LampinKain CD.

  7. Saya nak lampin kain kerana saya nak mengetahui perbezaan anta CD yang Arief ada sekarang jika nak dibandaingkan dengan Lampin Kain OS Diaper ini...

  8. saya dah join jenguk ye

  9. Salam kak..Kenapa saya nak Lampinkain OS diaper ni?

    Saya nak lampin kain ni untuk dipakaikan buat permata tercinta.Lampin berkualiti ini pasti amat selesa dipakai dan coraknya yang comel buatkan anak saya nampak lebih ceria.Dan yang paling penting dapat menjimatkan wang saya dan turut memesrakan Alam.

  10. I am new to cloth diapering, but have been doing it since baby was 1 mth old. She's now 2.5 mths old, and we are loving it! I hope we win a Lampin Kain OS Diaper to perfect her collection. I am so impressed it is Malaysian made by mommies, & would be so proud when my gal wears it.

  11. I want to own a LampinKain diaper because being a self confessed cloth diaper addict, I want to try out as many different brand of cloth diaper as possible on my daughter. And so happen I yet to try on LampinKain on her.

  12. Saya ingin memiliki LampinKain diaper kerana saya seorang ibu yg sudah menggunakan lampin kain moden sepenuhnya di rumah.. Saya sudah mencuba banyak jenama CD dan ingin sekali mencuba LampinKain diaper ini kerana belum pernah mencubanya. Tambah2 lagi diaper ini adalah jenama Malaysia yg dibuat sepenuhnya di Malaysia.. Adalah satu kebanggaan jika anak saya dapat memakai LampinKain diaper ini, sebagai sokongan kepada produk dan jenama Malaysia!! Juga sebagai sokongan berterusan saya kepada pemakaian lampin kain utk kesihatan bayi dan alam sekitar yg lebih baik...

  13. saya mahu memiliki lampin kain OS kerana mahu mencuba serta merasai perbezaannya. Setakat ini cuma ada 3-4 jenis sahaja..nak juga cuba yg baru, nak-nak kalo dpt free..yiihaaa...

  14. Salam...Joining in! :)
    I support locally-made product and being self-professed Cloth-Addicted Mamas, I love to give it a go for LampinKain selections of cloth diapers to be put on my lil tot.

    And as I always favour for nicely printed CDs over plain colours...yours is very eye-catchy & much prompted for my heart to try. In fact, I already made a mental note on some of the print. Hoping my lil tot's rezeki on this! :)

  15. While my daughter is the one using it, i am the CD addict...haha. I have not try any Lampinkain diapers and would love to let my dd try it. The printed ones are super cute...

  16. Saya nak lampin kain moden OS ni sebab sebagai newbie yang baru nak berjinak-jinak dengan CD, saya nak cuba CD-CD segala jenis CD untuk tahu perbezaan dan keistimewaan setiap CD tu. Tambahan lagi, sebagai tambahan kepada process mengumpulkan CD saya. :)